your pet.

The decision to re-home your animal is a hard one and we appreciate your careful thoughts in placing your pet in our care. 
We are a private rescue and have dedicated our lives to helping animals.
The following information will provide insight into how Little Critter Crew operates with the surrender process. 

Surrender Process

When surrendering your animals, please be sure to provide any known information about them, and bring along their current food, bedding, and caging. Keeping their familiar items helps them during periods of transition. We are able to send animals that come with their things into foster homes more quickly.

We greatly appreciate you donating to our rescue so we can continue to care for them, donations can be made via Venmo or PayPal @LittleCritterCrew.
Your donation is tax-deductible as we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Our goal is to only place animals in a home where they will be taken care of appropriately, given affection, and time, and be part of the family.
We do require that any potential adopter fills out our adoption application, answers any follow-up questions, and has proof they can provide the care necessary for the animal they are adopting.
Care Provided

Here at Little Critter Crew, we take in chinchillasgerbilshamsters, hedgehogsmicerabbitsrats, and sugar gliders who are in need of finding a forever home.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the space needed for guinea pigs, so we are unable to accept them. 
We do not take in any wildlife
We provide care, socialization, and medical care when necessary. 
If your pet is ill or injured please seek Veterinary attention ASAP. Unfortunately, Little Critter Crew is unable to provide monetary needs to those who need immediate medical treatment. Please attempt to work out a payment plan or apply for CareCredit in the event of a medical emergency.
We cannot accept sick animals without having proper fosters that will not contaminate the animals currently in our care. We can try and share veterinarians we may know in the area. 
We are not a Veterinary facility, but we do have Veterinarians for the animals in our care.


We are not a public facility, and we operate through foster homes.

Proper Diet

We carefully follow diets that are best for the species of animal we are caring for. For more information please see our care guides.

Cage and Enrichment

We appreciate you surrendering your pet with its cage and current items. Any animal that comes into the rescue will receive from us while in our care: bedding, chew toys, wheels, hay, food, food holders, water bottles, etc. 

Healthcare & Euthanasia

If any animal in our care shows signs of illness or injury, it will be provided with proper care by our Veterinarian.
Euthanasia will only be considered with great care from a state-licensed veterinarian due to an animal’s illness, injury, etc.

Return to Owner

Once an animal has been surrendered into our care this is final.

30-Day Evaluation Period

All animals that come into Little Critter Crew’s care will be with us for a period of a minimum of 30 days from the time they are surrendered. During a pet’s stay, they are checked for normal body functions, checked over for any visible issues, and worked with on socialization and handling. We also evaluate each pet’s personality to help pair it with the perfect forever home.

Where do you accept animals from?

Due to local laws and regulations, we can only take animals in the state of Oregon. We apologize to anyone who may be in need from out of state.

Rehoming Resources

Before getting on our surrender waitlist, here are resources to attempt to rehome your pet(s) safely.

Surrender Waitlist

Get on our Surrender Waitlist!

Click here to email us to get on our surrender waitlist.

Please note we have no estimated timeline of when we can accept more pets.

Please include the following information:
Age(s) (birthdate if known)
Spayed or Neutered?
Phone Number
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